Nothing better than hearing what happy customers have to say about our one-of-a-kind chocolate store in Historic Downtown Grapevine.   But, don't take their word for it . . . come have some fun with the bootleggers of chocolatge with a kick and let your taste buds have a good time too!

5.0 Star Rating
2/26/2017 -- From Yelp

"Delicious, beautiful chocolate. I first got a taste of their chocolate at the Pinterest fair, and I was hooked! Not only are their chocolate bars a work of art, they also taste heavenly. They have tons of flavors: mojito, amaretto, moonshine(my fav), birthday cake, raspberry, etc. So many flavors to choose from, and they give you samples so you can find your new favorite flavor. Skip getting a snow cone or ice cream the next time your sweet tooth comes a calling, and go get some moonshine chocolate instead!"

5.0 star rating 
12/3/2017 -- From Yelp 
"Grapevine is an amazing place for unique shops and fun stuff. I live in Lantana and was searching Yelp for places to buy quality chocolate - specifically salted caramel chocolate. Well, I found it here. They have these special tube like chocolates in a variety of flavors including java... I became addicted to their coffee flavored candy."

          Listen to What They're Saying About Chocolate  Moonshine

5.0 star rating
12/23/2016 -- From Yelp
This place is amazing. I accidentally stumbled on it when looking for parking! The owner was very attentive and allowed me to sample various chocolates! The bourbon cherry and the strawberry were my favorites for sure! I enjoyed my experience there and plan to return again soon! Ps: I have never eaten a more Beautiful chocolate in my life!

5.0 star rating
4/9/2018  -- From Yelp

"The chocolate is incredible here. They are so kind and are always willing to let you try the chocolate before making your purchase. This is a perfect place to treat yourself or get a gift here.

5.0 Star rating 

5/7/2018 -- From FB

Exquisite chocolates and other desserts that are high-end with fair prices, while the shop and owners make you feel like you’re in a small town.